There’s actually a lot going on

This was November last year.

DSC_0440Driving by the former hospital site, where the old Plummer hospital is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar retrofit into luxury condominiums, there doesn’t appear to be a lot going on.

DSC_0501But step inside and you will see a minimum of 40 construction workers with studs for walls going up and the first of 40 units taking shape. There’s still a lot of work to get done before the planned Spring 2016 opening date, but developer Amit Sofer told reporters Wednesday that work will proceed fairly quickly now that most of the heavy work has been completed.

“We’re doing a lot of our work underground and inside it’s well hidden from view” Sofer said. He wants the development to eventually be known as one of the most desired living spaces in Sault Ste. Marie.

DSC_0560Sofer, who is transforming the former hospital into Riverwalk Condominiums said that 90 percent of the units have been pre-sold – there’s still three units available and then phase 2 will begin to be offered.

For now though, his focus is on the first phase that included gutting all five floors down to the cement floor and then rebuilding from the ground up with the highest quality building materials.

awesome view !
awesome view !

The tour for media and some public officials including Mayor Christian Provenzano and new CAO, Al Horsman enjoyed the view from the fifth floor. The design of the building gives all units a great view of the river and city. ” The view is tremendous, i think it’s great to see a re-development and a re-purpose of the hospital site” Provensano said, “but as an added bonus is a relocation of a number of residential units to the downtown core , you would have a real hard time rejuvenating your downtown if you don’t have people living in it or near it”.

Amit Sofer, developer of River Walk Condominiums with Al Horsman, CAO
The old hospital site is on its way to become a major residential anchor for the downtown area.
The old hospital site is on its way to become a major residential anchor for the downtown area.

Al Horsman echoed the Mayor’s statement, “I’m very enthused , I think it will be an excellent development for the downtown, I think you’ll see more types of this development as well the city has the tax incentive grants to encourage development in the downtown”

Phase two will include another 59 units of equal or greater size, that project is slated for construction sometime in 2016.The entire development, that will include the hub trail along the riverside and the re-purpose of the former General Hospital site is expected to be a ten year project.

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  1. I think that it looks very nice and will be very beautiful when completed, but in my opinion we need more affordable housing for low income families and single people not condos that are completely unattainable to them. Instead they wait on a list sometimes for years with sault ste marie housing or have no choice but to live in an unsafe and unhealthy home due to slumlords who refuse to do any work but charge the most they can for the place. Most low income people give up more than 80% of their income just to rent, now they still need food and sometimes their own utilities that end up getting cut off because they cannot afford all 3 of basic needs, rent, food and utilities and or heat.

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