Time is running out for Lexi

Ashley with her best friend Lexi about a month prior to the accident

We all love our dogs as family and Ashley Coventry is no different. She loves her eight month old female dog Lexi like no other. “She’s one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met and it saddens me to think she may only have a few days left in this world.” commented Ashley’s Friend, Stephanie Stewart.

Last Sunday evening Lexi got hit by a truck. “she got out of her collar and ran for the road where she met the truck at full speed. She is now left with a broken leg where she now needs special surgery for a metal plate.” Ashley said, ” Lucky there was someone who heard my dogs cries and came out to assist. He payed $720 for emergency vet care because at the time no vet offices were open…Also the medications today when we went to pick her up so thankful for this stranger.”

A friend gives Lexi a hug and comforts Lexi.
A friend gives Lexi a hug and comforts Lexi.

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of a very stressful week as Ashely was told the prognosis of Lexi’s injuries. It’s not good. Lexi suffered a major injury to her back leg. Her leg is broken and needs treatment immediately. If Ashley can’t get the emergency surgery done she may be forced to put Lexi down.

As with any pet emergency, vet care is extremely expensive.  Ashley needs at least $3,000 to get the surgery done and time is of the essence. Ashley had no choice but to bring her dog home and try to find the money she needs to save her life. ” I have her at home now, I live on the third floor with no elevator, live on a fixed income, is there anyone who can help us?” Ashley said.

In desperation, Ashley reached out to Saultonline.com to help spread the word.

With no other choice, Ashley’s started a GoFundMe page and has managed to raise about $800 of the $3,000 needed . “we can’t raise the money fast enough” Ashley said , not giving up hope.

Lexi needs help as soon as possible
Lexi needs help as soon as possible

“Thought she was dead at first because the truck hit her head so hard she lost a lot of blood from both her mouth & nose that her tongue was purple hanging out…I will never forget that traumatic day trying to keep her conscious & her breathing stable”

Ashley and Lexi needs your help now, if every Saultonline.com viewer donated just $2 to the fund, it would give Ashley more than enough to save her beloved dog.

If you are interested in helping out please donate to the cause at https://www.gofundme.com

Saultonline.com will update this story and hopefully have a happy ending for Ashley and her dog Lexi.


  1. With the O’Sullivan Funeral Home having a cheque for 250.00 made out to the place doing the surgery, the goal has been met.
    I would bet this could have been done in Soo Mich for less than half of the price here, though.
    Something for others to keep in mind, could mean the difference between saving or losing your pet.

  2. I assume this figure mentioned is for a Sault Ontario vet?
    There are some excellent vets across the river with quality care and facilities, at a fraction of the cost.
    I was quoted $1200.00 here for an operation on my pet, it was done without issue In Soo Mich. for $350.00.
    There is some gouging going on here, always has been and it is not fair to people like the young lady above.

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