What a difference a year makes

This was the scene November 13, 2014 - courtesy Julie Hryniewicz

As snow flurries atarted this morning in and around the Sault, some accumulation to the north of the city, but nothing like we saw last year on this date. If you recall, a year ago Winter made an early visit and well, basically stayed for five months.

A series of weather systems and snowsqualls dumped about 30 cm on the Sault last November 13. As seen in this photo from Julie Hryniewicz. A huge contrast to this year, Julie shows us what it looks like today.

Photo taken November 13, 2015 - Courtesy: Julie Hryniewicz
Photo taken November 13, 2015 – Courtesy: Julie Hryniewicz

The inclement weather today of rain / snow mix and cooler temps will be replaced with sun and cloud and warmer temps over the weekend and into next week. In fact we probably won;t see any snow for the Santa Claus Parade next weekend downtown with maybe a few flurries. No major accumulation is expected until the start of December.  With that said, almost all weather forecasts are calling for a milder than normal winter for the Great Lakes.

Julie Hryniewicz


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