A Letter to the Editor. From the mother of Murder Victim, Todd Petrie

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Soon, 5 years will have passed since the murder of my son Todd Petrie in your city. During these 5 years I have always been convinced his murder would be solved and the people responsible brought to justice. I am expressing my concerns now from my window of observation; the “ongoing investigation” as police refer to it, is at a standstill. The case has been compromised at the beginning and police have not been able to sift through the multitude of witnesses and speculations. Therefore, in my opinion the term “ongoing” is a term used for incompetence?

The first two years into the investigation I was very hopeful. I had many e-mails and phone calls from very supportive people in the Soo. Police were meeting with me and they were always respectful and convincing. During those first few years I maintained a very positive attitude and cooperated with them and contributed to their requests. I had received lots of information and ‘whispers” regarding the murder from unsuspecting individuals. It’s a known fact that, “ratting” is considered a death sentence. Most people in the drug scene fear this term. Anyone coming forward with first hand information, not hearsay, must have had a great deal of empathy and good conscience. I can’t thank those people enough for their bravery in spite of the risks.

Time has done it’s best to diminish my hopes. At this point I have come to the realization that this case under the supervision of your police/detectives and OPP will never be solved. Why? You ask me?

IMG_0404Three very good reasons come to mind and are very clear. In all probability the murder scene was compromised. Those unintelligent people, who found Todd murdered are to blame. They all should have been prosecuted for tampering with evidence, and the spreading of information police needed for their investigation. I for one will blame “Ziggie” and his name buries a hole in my mind. The DNA was botched. If it was actually done, one of those DNA tests should have revealed the one person in Todd’s upstairs apartment is a murderer. In the process I have been privy to conversations in some interviews. To be precise three interviews were relayed to me as to their context. My alarms were set on high when I heard the jest of these conversations. They’re appeared to are threatening and arrogant remarks by those directing the interviews. Being disrespectful, arrogant and threatening in my opinion is not a pre-qualification for police. This type of interrogation only tends to bring anger, dismay and uselessness attitude from the people being interviewed. I have been told some people will never again speak to police. Is this really the attitude police want to hear? I want to reiterate the OPP in charge has always been respectful in the handling of this case, but to my firm disagreement, they are overseeing the case from a distance.

Finally, I have written Chief Keetch on November 6th, 2015 to request new eyes be appointed to the case, but he has not responded to date, (it’s been almost 6 weeks), which speaks volumes. This is a second request and the responses from the first request is totally unacceptable. . What is it going to take to bring this case to the forefront and resolved? Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Todd.

Joyce Petrie

142-albert-tallIn an interview from her winter home in Florida, United States, December 11th, 2015, Joyce Petrie continues to champion justice for her son Todd. Joyce firmly believes that the answers lie within the circle of people who were coming and going from the house where Todd was living and where he was found murdered. Several individuals, as Joyce has learned “moved through, and contaminated the crime scene before the police even got there (found Todd’s body).” Joyce has information that “the police have carried out a substantial number of interviews, but to this day, they (police) are no further ahead in solving my son’s murder than on the day he was found.”

One of the primary concerns Joyce carries, is that the OPP continue to be the primary managers for the case. While Joyce respects Detective Inspector OPP (Deputy Director, CIB) Shawn Glassford, and speaks fondly of him, her concern is that “he is based in Orillia, Ontario. I think he is just too busy”.

In the summer of 2015, Joyce travelled from her home in Saginaw, Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie for a meeting that she had arranged. Joyce Petrie met with members of the police department, including Chief Bob Keetch (Sault Police Services), Detective Inspector Shawn Glassford (CIB, OPP) and Detective John Zambozzi (Sault Police Services).

Joyce feels that at least two of the police officers, (not present during her July, 2015 meeting at Sault Police Services headquarters on 2nd Line) who have been, and continue to be assigned to Todd’s case “Do not care. I was assured by Det. Inspector Glassford that in the Fall (2015), he was going to have fresh eyes from CIB (Criminal Investigative Branch, OPP) take a look at the case. When I called him, to follow up, he (Det. Insp. Shawn Glassford, OPP) told me that they (CIB) were going to look at Todd’s case in November. November came and went, and nothing was done. Now he is telling me February. I left Sault Ste. Marie (in July) with a commitment from Det. Inspector Glassford that he was going to follow through with the CIB process. I feel like I am pushing against an impenetrable wall. I was really hoping that by having a fresh set of investigators take a look at Todd’s case, something new would come of it”.

Joyce further shared that she felt Chief Keetch was “totally on board, and in support of having CIB, and seasoned investigators look at Todd’s case. I still believe that Chief Keetch supports CIB looking into Todd’s murder investigation.”

Joyce shared “I’m probably going to sell my cabin, and use the proceeds to pay for private investigators. I’m not sure what the cost will be, and this will be a last resort. But if something doesn’t happen soon, I have plans in place to try and keep Todd’s murder from going unsolved. I’ve done everything else I can possibly do.”

“It’s been five years. It’s soon going to be six years (since Todd was found murdered, on or about Feb.27th,2011). Somebody is walking around right now that murdered my son. Chances are, they are still in The Sault”.

A reward of $50,000 continues to be available for information leading to the arrest of person or persons involved in the murder of Todd Petrie. Please call Crime Stoppers with any information. 1-800-222-8477 or 705-942-786 or visit the website to submit a tip online http://saultcrimestoppers.weebly.com


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