Angels Among Us


“The creation of the 10′ Candle Tear monument Staff, walk, and ceremony came from an elder who had a vision. While walking through the bush he was thinking of how we could bring a light to the families of those who have lost a loved one to violence. The vision of a Staff that was a crying candle, which would be seen all over the world came to him. That night and the next night that followed as he laid down to sleep, the spirits of women came, one after another, each smiling happy that this symbolic light is going to stand in the centre of this land we call Canada.”

IMG_5782On Sunday, friends, family, and even strangers walked to Chippewa Falls with this candle, in memory of the murdered and missing Indigenous women. But they weren’t alone. With them were the spirits of the murdered women. They were proud and happy to see that they weren’t forgotten. These spirits also protect the women that are missing and the ones that might come into harm’s way.

IMG_5776Terry Sheehan, MP for the Sault, attended the ceremony and is so happy that his government took steps to have an inquiry, an election promise. Chief Sayers explained how the candle of tears became a reality and also that he is also happy with the Liberal Government’s decision to have an inquiry.


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