Candle of Tears Christmas Miracle


20151225_131039In what can surely be described as a Christmas miracle, the Candle of Tears Staff, envisioned & crafted by Emerson Riel, a Michipicoten First Nation elder, was safely returned to her original resting place at Chippewa River.

According to a Transfield Services employee, the Candle of Tears staff was found along the highway, not too far from Chippewa River. He picked it up, and took it to the warehouse area at Goulais River. After receiving a call from Park Rangers, asking if he knew anything about it (The Candle of Tears Staff), he said he did know about it, and had placed it in the garage of Transfield Services near Goulais River.

Today, December 25th, 2015, Emerson Riel travelled to Transfield Services and collected the Staff.

Ermerson Riel and Verlyn Robinson met at Chippewa River, removed the temporary staff that had been set there a day earlier, and placed The Candle of Tears back where she belongs.

For Emerson, it was the Christmas miracle he had been hoping for. The Candle of Tears Staff, a memorial to missing and murdered persons across Canada, stands tall and strong, as a testament to stories told, and untold, in the heart of a country. Merry Christmas Emerson.

chi miigwech for sharing this day with saultonline.