City still in the daycare business


The plan for the City to get out of the Daycare business ended in a tie vote Monday night, meaning the motion was defeated.

After a three hour debate for a second time in two weeks, council voted 6 to 6 on a city staff recommendation to close its three daycare facilities.

Many of the councillors who voted to close the operations claimed it was the hardest decision they ever had to make as a council, including Mayor Provenzano who has a problem of how the taxpayers essentially pay twice for this service. “We are double paying for municipal daycare” Provenzano said.  The City provides money to the DSSAB and then receives some of that money back to operate but because the service operates in the red, additional monies from the taxpayer is needed for a small portion of the population.

Susan Myers, ward 2 encouraged the daycare workers to set up their own business to provide daycare.

Ward 4 councillor Lou Turco voted against the recommendation citing, “we’ve had this service for 43 years, why now? why now should we close it?”

The elimination of municipal daycare meant 32 jobs lost.

Voting against the closures were, Judy Hupponen, Rick Niro, Marchy Bruni ,Joe Krmpotich, Steve Butland and Lou Turco. Councillors voting for the closures included, Mayor Provenzano, Susan Myers, Matthew Shoemaker and Frank Fata, Ross Romano and Paul Christian.

“Daycare will continue, there will be no change” Provenazano said after council chambers erupted in applause following the vote.

The City did pass a resolution for staff to gather more information on moving the daycare facilities into school, how that will look and what it will eventually cost taxpayers is still unknown.