Community pulls through for hurt dog

Ashley with her best friend Lexi about a month prior to the accident
Lexi, after the surgery
Lexi, after the surgery

Lexi, a young dog that was hit by a vehicle four weeks ago is on the mend thanks in large to viewers.

You may recall a story SaultOnline published on November 28, a week after Lexi ran out on the street and got struck. The dog’s injuries were pretty bad. Owner Ashley Coventry had little money living on a fixed income and in a third floor apartment, made the situation even worse.

Lexi needed medical attention right away to fix her broken leg. If Coventry couldn’t raise the money, the outlook didn’t look good for little Lexi. Coventry feared she may have to put the dog down.

That’s when she contacted SaultOnline and started a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising $3,000 that she needed for surgery.

Within minutes of publishing the story, the money started to roll in. In fact Coventry eventually reached her goal within days.

Then it was the matter of waiting for the money to be processed to her account in order to arrange the medical attention Lexi needed.

Not only did Coventry reach her goal thanks largely to the generosity of viewers, but others stepped up to the plate to help her as well with transportation and pain relief medications.

“Lexi is home from surgery thanks again to Planetary Pride for securing our transportation and everyone who donated” Coventry posted on Facebook. “Happy holidays have a great new year thanks to you Lexi will be able to see her first Christmas and snowfall Merry Christmas”

Coventry believes Lexi will make a full recovery and will soon be romping in the snow – if we get any that is.




  1. Thank you very much Craig for all the work you have done and are still doing to Shipkey returned to me Safely!! I am totally devastated and l just pray that Shipley and l reunite very soon!, l love and miss you very much Shipkey!!9

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