Correctional workers prepare to hit the picket line


The following was released by OPSEU in regards to a break down in negotiations

On the heels of an energized all-presidents’ meeting last night, your Corrections
bargaining team brought a clear and unified message to the table today: There is a
crisis in Corrections. If our employer isn’t serious about bargaining, then we’re ready
to walk.

We tabled proposals on key issues with a strict deadline. The team’s message to the
employer was clear: bargain fairly or we start the clock ticking towards a strike.
Despite a raft of ongoing problems in our workplaces and recent eye-popping raises
for managers, the employer team refused to treat Corrections members with respect.
Instead, they stuck to their one-size-fitsall approach and refused to consider our

The employer insulted the team and membership by contending that our
only objective in bargaining was money.

Then they took the standalone collective agreement and interest arbitration off the

This is after Corrections Minister Yasir Naqvi stood up in the Legislature December 4
and committed the government to exactly that.

Your bargaining team had no choice but to ask the conciliation officer for a “no board”
report. The Ministry of Labour typically issues the report within five business days.
The 17th calendar day after the report is issued puts the parties in a legal strike or
lockout position.

It’s time to get ready.

All local presidents now have information on strike preparation. Further information will
follow in the coming days on strike training in the regions.

It is very important that all members fill out a Form B (strike pay by direct deposit)
to receive strike pay. Please ensure these Form Bs and voided cheques are returned
to head office from your locals via the regional offices as soon as possible.
In solidarity, Your Corrections bargaining team