Elves Afoot. Christmas Cheer Depot 2015

2015 Christmas Cheer Depot

The Christmas Cheer Depot was humming with activity on Monday, December 7th, 2015. The Depot location, at the former Alexander Henry Highschool, is a major hub of activity and gathering site for the annual Christmas Cheer Campaign.

2015 Christmas Cheer DepotToys and donations that come in start in the main lobby area. “The toys here are waiting to get washed and sorted.” shared Judy, a local Christmas Cheer elf guiding folks into the Depot location.

Vern Harnden and Stan Black are two of Santa’s local elves. They work to restore toys, and otherwise bring to life, toys that need a bit of tweaking. Santa definitely knew what skills these two gentlemen have, and assigned them to the toy repair shop. There are dedicated elves coming and going from the toy repair shop.

“We can accept used toys, and toys that need minor repairs until the 9th. ” shared Diane Marshall, Chair for the annual Christmas Cheer Campaign. “New things can come in right up to the last day.” adding “We have had a terrific response from community, and today, we are even having trouble keeping up with things coming in to the depot.” John Fleming was busy working the phones, and compiling lists for recipients, ages of children, and geographic locations for each recipient. Community members who requested Christmas Cheer support had until December 4th to apply. Now the work begins to match the donated gifts and food with applicants, and build a special Christmas for those families in need.

2015 Christmas Cheer DepotThe Doll Room, which is a nice big space, was a veritable workshop wonderland, housing all things doll related. Santa needed very specific skills for the work going on in The Doll Room, and it would appear, he sent his very best. “There are usually somewhere between 10 – 12 of us working in here (doll room)” shared Sandra Lyons, local elf team member. Sandra was diligently working to create a special memory and gift for a youngster.

The former cafeteria at the high school is definitely filling up with donations, including the stage area. Several classrooms have become workshops and sorting areas for an ever-growing collection of donations. One item that the Christmas Cheer Campaign can’t accept, are used stuffed toys.

Packing and distribution of the Christmas Cheer boxes will start bright and early on Thursday, December 17th.

2015 Christmas Cheer DepotRecipients pick up their baskets from satellite depots across the city based on their geographic proximity to a particular depot. Christmas Cheer further provides those same families with all the fixins’ for a complete Christmas turkey dinner.

Donations of new toys & clothing, as well as food are welcomed and accepted at the main entrance to the former Alexander Henry High School Depot site location. Just follow the elves.

Packing and distribution of the Christmas Cheer boxes will start bright and early on Thursday, December 17th, 2015.

Thank you to all of Santa’s local elf crew. You are bringing magic to many Sault households this year!