Everywhere but the Sault?

This photo taken over the weekend in Kanata Ontario - places in Southern Ontario are seeing prices in the 84 cent range

You may have heard the news that the price of oil has dropped to historic lows. You may have also noticed that other communities in the north have seen prices lowered at the pumps over the last few days, especially in southern Ontario and even across the river.

That doesn’t seem to be the case in Sault Ste. Marie where prices have stayed at the $105.9 range for well over a month.

Let’s take a look at some other places and see what they have to deal with.

THUNDER BAY      .88 cents

NORTH BAY          .96 cents

SUDBURY            .99 cents


SAULT MICH       $1.80 u.s.  equals  .67cents a litre

According to Tomorrow’s Gas Prices Today there is no expectations of gas prices falling in the Sault despite the 38 cent (cnd) a litre difference  between the twin Sault’s.

As of today, the cost of a barrel of oil is pegged at $35.47 u.s. only two dollars away from the recession low of $33.98 u.s. in February 2009  . The average price in Ontario back in 2009 was just 74 cents a litre.





  1. My son lives in Thunder Bay, I asked him about this and he said gas there is 107.7 all over expect on the reserve where it’s 88 cents

  2. The sault is not the only city being gouged. Here in timmins we have been paying 108.9 for 6 weeks and for a few days recently we were at 110.9 . Something has to change.

  3. Micheal medaglia you just calculated the exact same # for US exchamge as the website and said they were wrong you dumb f*ck

  4. McGouger fuels continues to gouge, no surprise there.
    Strange though why someone can’t or won’t do something about this ongoing gouging. It seems fairly obvious that whoever is in power over such things are getting their pockets stuffed on the side to uphold this criminal pricing.
    The owners at McGouger fuels should be wearing masks and guns as their daily attire.

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