Freezing Rain to Snow, Is Winter Finally here?

Photo: Brenda Grundt

Officially Winter doesn’t start until December 21, but we all know living in Northern Ontario, winter can show up anytime between October and December.

This year, we’ve been lucky thanks to a warmer than usual air flow from the Pacific instead of the arctic. That set up however seems to be leveling off and that will leave us with some of the coldest air so far this season.

Parts of the area was hit with hours of freezing rain and then snow on Monday. Temperatures begin to drop starting today and pretty much lasting through the rest of the week with below freezing temperatures and flurries in the forecast for the next several days.

With Christmas just over a week away, everyone is wondering if we will see a Green Christmas or a White one. At this point , forecasters are reluctant to predict. One of those reasons is the lack of lake effect snow we normally see by now. The latest forecast has a snow squall set up developing Friday into Saturday.  Temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. Come next week however those temperatures are once again forecast to well above seasonal.

Long range forecasters are still calling for mild type weather to last through the first week of January before bitterly cold air begins to flood the area.


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