No Fear!


Fear was not a factor Tuesday for five employees of the Great Lakes Forestry Centre.  The unique United Way event had other staff make pledges on the five participants and three challenges. Those included wearing a make-shift helmet and having large live cockroaches walk all over your face and head, the other had a live Tarantula crawl all over you and the final and the most gross – Ento-Eatery. The participant had to eat five dishes made with insects and it included live grubs and crickets.

The Fear Factor event, just like the popular tv show, drew a good crowd and raised much needed cash for the United Way campaign. The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) is a charitable giving option developed exclusively for federal public servants and federal retirees. The annual GCWCC takes place in federal workplaces across the country during the fall campaign period (September to December). Through the GCWCC, public servants can support United Ways/Centraides, HealthPartners or any other registered Canadian charity of their choosing.  So how did the five participants do? well let’s just say a few of them were hungry.