Noticeable Increase in Drinking and Driving: Police


The Sault Ste Marie Police Service in conjunction with the OPP and the RCMP are conducting the annual Festive RIDE campaign in Sault Ste Marie and the Township of Prince.

Midway through the campaign, officers are seeing a noticeable increase in drinking and driving charges and suspensions. In the first 15 days of December, 6 drivers have been charged with Over .08 and 6 drivers registered a warn receiving a 3 day licence suspension. During the same period in 2014, 2 drivers had been charged with .08 and 4 were issued 3-day licence suspensions.

With Christmas and New Year’s quickly approaching the Sault Ste Marie Police Service and its policing partners will continue to conduct RIDE checkpoints to keep our roads safe during the Holiday season.


  1. As the economy flounders the numbers of unemployed and underemployed increases. Some turn to drinking. We all have our breaking point. Once drunk your inhibitions are at an ebb and “It won’t happen to me” kicks in. It may even be a one-time thing but regardless when mistakes are made innocent people are hurt or worse, die. It is not right and not all of us handle our problems with drink, but some do. We can only be there to pick up the pieces and wonder why.

  2. Tis the season plus people are a lot more stressed these days than ever before, they tend to take a few belts more than usual and many don’t realize that 2 or 3 drinks is all it takes to go from law abiding citizen to criminal.

  3. Zero Tolerance already fk !!! Canada is to soft on idiots like this….Jail time wont do anything, give em a 18months of rehab and probation… They only snapp out of it when they Kill somebody walking down the street or crossing it.

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