Ron Schinners, the Donald Trump of the Ward 2 race


He may not have the hair nor the money of Donald Trump, but when it comes down to speaking his mind and being politically incorrect, Ron Schinners seems to be following in Trump’s shadow. Trump makes the headlines almost daily because of the things he says.

Trump is running for the Republican nomination in the 2015 Presidential Race in the United States.

Schinners is vying for the ward 2 seat left vacant by Terry Sheehan. Schinners joins another 6 other candidates so far for the upcoming February 1st by-election.

But unlike the rest, Schinners has already started “campaigning” via social media and sounding a lot like Trump with comments like, “With Flipper the stock boy entering the Ward 2 race. This really adds nothing to the Ward 2 race. Just another Tax and spender seeking to get privilege and vote for more tax increases. Who is financing this guy?”, referring to Andy Martens declaring his nomination.

Another comment on Schinner’s facebook page, “Ward 2 Councillor race is heating up. So Far we have a Sailor, Rent A Cop, Gardener, Flea Market Guy, a guy who runs a Business out of Shed in his yard. Its starting to look like the Village People are running.”

The Ronald, as we will call him, has sought the Mayor’s job in 2010 and has been an armchair critic since then. He told SaultOnline that he is running to give a voice to seniors on council.

I am running in Ward 2 to get our property taxes down at least 4%. Seniors are not represented on council. They are the largest group of property tax payers who need to have their voice heard on council. I will bring common sense to council.” 

The Ronald believes that council today and in the past has spent too much on things the city can’t afford. “I will be the taxpayers watchdog and guardian of the Taxpayers purse. I as Ward 2 Councillor will not vote for a tax increase. I will not vote to waste our tax dollars on outside agencies.”

Schinners likes what he has seen so far in Mayor Provenzano since his win in the October 2014 municipal election, however, he blames other senior sitting Councillors for hiding from the news that Essar owes the city close to $14 million in taxes. “Mayor Provanzano has been very good to this point and I look forward to being part of his team. The Senior members of council failed to take notice of the 14 million owed to this City.”, Schinners said.  

Schinners (the Ronald) isn’t only critical of council but also the other candidates in the race. John W. Duke, who placed third in the ward race in 2014 and believed to be the front runner for this by-election, failed to file his election expenses for the 2014 Municipal election by the due date. That  meant that he could not run for a seat in the next election. He appeared before a judge to plea his case that it was misinformation that led Duke to file beyond the deadline. The judge accepted his excuse and Duke filed his nomination late last week. That prompted Schinners to take to facebook, “This Duke dude can’t read instructions on nomination papers what kind of Councillor would he make?”

“This city has a spending problem and we need to find out where we can save money and reduce the burden on the taxpayers. Council is just over a year into its Mandate”, Schinners said.

Former Ward 2 councilor, Jody Curran is also in the running, along with Andy Martens, Susan Milne, David Poluck, John Dukes and Les Weeks. Nominations are open until December 18th, and those who have filed have until that date to stand for the by-election or withdraw their name for  nomination.

“This council was not open and transparent with some issues like Essar. Together we can make the Sault great again”, Schinners said.





  1. Upon further contemplation I realized you were correct in comparing Trump with Schinners, he is not a Nobel Laureate, but he surely is a horses ass.
    He may have more hair than Trump though seeing as Trump is bald and wears really bad hair pieces.
    Wouldn’t the Paparazzi have fun catching that blowing off of his head!

  2. I don’t mind Ron at all. He’s got a good sense of humour and he is passionate about politics. I’ve worked with Ron on a few things, he’s a good guy. I don’t necessarily agree with his approach sometimes, but that’s his style.

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