Updated :Search and Rescue Mission Alona Bay


7:40PM Update: OPP tell SaultOnline.com that the land and air search has been called off.  Two separate reports of emergency flares last night prompted the search.

OPP helicopters along with the assistance of CFB Trenton Hercules aircraft yielded no results.

Previous Report

SaultOnline.com has learned of an on-going search and or rescue mission north of Sault Ste. Marie.

The Joint Rescue Command Centre dispatched a Hercules aircraft to aid in the search this morning.

At this point, it is not clear what the search is for, however unconfirmed reports indicate the incident occurred Wednesday night when flares were seen in the area.  The JRCC along with the OPP commenced a search mission but was later called off due to weather conditions.

On Thursday morning more resources were being called in to the Alona Bay area near Montreal River.

No authorities were available to to comment. SaultOnline.com continues to work on this story and will update when more information becomes available.