Students Spread Hope at Christmas


Students in a Grade 4/5 class at St. Paul Catholic School have a plan to help change the world.

Students were inspired by Pope Francis’ call for acts of mercy and the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board’s virtue of the month, Hope. Students pledged to participate in the Plan Canada Gifts of Hope project.

Students were further inspired after reading a story book, One Hen, based on the life of a real boy from Ghana whose journey out of poverty began with a loan and the purchase of one hen.

The goal to raise $75 for one goat was met in just two days, and within two weeks donations totaled $264.55 – more than enough to buy three goats and two chicks!
“I believe my students’ lives have also been changed by this project. When a lesson inspires action that touches lives around the globe, children realize they can in fact make change happen,” said Grade 4/5 Teacher, Mrs. Lucy McKenna.

“This project will give a gift to people that need it. This kind of gift can’t be found on a store shelf and this gift will be remembered forever,” said Sophia, a Grade 5 student.
“It makes me feel happy that we are giving to people in need,” said Paige, a Grade 4 student.
“I am humbled by the generosity of our students in Mrs. McKenna’s class for such a worthy cause. They have spread hope for children and families well beyond our school community,” said St. Paul Principal, Larry Pezzutto.

In writing tasks connected to the project, students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to give hope to children in need. You can join the students in spreading hope by visiting the Plan Canada website at