Tenant and Owner fined in Chapple Ave. Fire


Investigation into an early morning fire in the 100 block of Chapple Avenue Monday, November 30th, involving a sofa in an apartment, has resulted in fines being issued to the tenant and the building owner.

Investigation revealed the building owner had failed to ensure the smoke alarm was provided with a new battery within the past year and consequently was fined for failing to ensure the alarm was properly maintained. The tenant had been alerted to the low battery signal last month, and by not taking corrective action was fined for failing to notify the landlord the alarm was not operational.

“Smoke alarms are vital to alert residents of a fire, especially when people are sleeping. The occupant was extremely fortunate to have woken up prior to being overtaken by smoke,” reported Fire Prevention Officer Rocco Celetti. “The Ontario Fire Code holds tenants, as well as landlords, responsible for the operation of smoke alarms. Landlords are required to test smoke alarms yearly and tenants are legally responsible if they intentionally disable a smoke alarm. Tenants are further responsible to notify the landlord if the smoke alarm is not operable or indicates a low battery.”

The cause of the fire was determined to be from a cigarette. The apartment sustained moderate smoke damage. Each fine was $360.


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