The Gingerbread House Build. A Habitat for Humanity fundraising event


IMG_1240Raise the Roof took on a whole new meaning Wednesday afternoon and evening at Mill Market, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Habitat for Humanity, Sault Ste. Marie & area launched the inaugural Gingerbread House Build Competition, which recruited teams of builders, to dig deep and get creative with royal icing. Each team was asked to raise $250.00 for which a build permit could be purchased, thereby giving the team entrance, visa vie, a gingerbread kit.

20151216_173420Several extra permits could be further purchased, as well as ‘violations’. Violations are ‘all in good fun’, and include paying to have another team sing 2 Christmas carols, or use a secret ingredient chosen by the team, imposing the violation. The secret ingredient, must then, be incorporated into the build. Pickled beets, for example, could be on a secret ingredient list. It only has to be considered ‘edible’.

20151216_173413(0)Teams could bring in a large freezer bag stuffed with as much, and as many candy decorations, as could possibly fit into the bag. Most importantly, the ziploc bag did not have to actually zip and lock.

20151216_171703Team Saultonline’s, Treena Clement, Suzanne Cristillo, Lydia McNeice and Lynne Brown brought an unzipped freezer bag and the optimistic outlook that comes with never having done this before. By the end of the two hours, we learned quite a bit about gingerbread house building. We definitely all agreed that we’re doing this again in 2016. Even in the face of certain roof collapse, we held steady, and at the time of departure from Mill Market, the roof was, in fact, still up.

20151216_173208Teams cheered each other on. Natasha Colak organized two separate time slots for teams, represented from all across the community, to choose; 3- 5 pm or 5 – 7 pm. All of the extraordinarily built, and cleverly candied gingerbread houses are now waiting for the public’s vote. They will be on display Saturday, December 19th, 2015 at Mill Market.

20151216_173437Thank you to Natasha Colak, Public Relations Manager and Raija Morrar, Habitat for Humanity SSM & area, for organizing the event, and for your support and encouragement of all the builders. We made a mess, but we sure had fun.

Congratulations to all of the teams that entered the 1st Annual Gingerbread House Build. Saultonline will post updates after Saturday’s big vote.

Visit Habitat for Humanity SSM & area’s website for information about the current real house build taking place at the corner of Birch & Cedar Street(s)