Uh oh, there’s snow in the forecast!


20 years ago this week, Sault Ste. Marie was hit with its worse snowfall in history. Over a three day period, snowsqualls and snowstorms left about 5 feet of snow and also caused the collapse of the Station Mall roof – remember that?

After enjoying the mildest November and so far, December this year with very little snow fall, it looks like we could see some of the white stuff Friday night into Saturday. Snow squalls are expected to set up sometime Friday night and as with any lake effect snowsqualls, where the squalls hit and how much snow will be generated is basically a guessing game.

One thing for sure, temperatures are expected to drop over the next week – although still above seasonal. Overnight lows could be cold enough to support snow.

With that said, Sault Ste. Marie could still be looking at an almost green Christmas. A few small systems may produce a dusting of snow come Christmas Day, the good news is the long range forecast still calls for above seasonal temperatures lasting through to early January along with well below normal precipitation values.

As for this Friday night into Saturday, if snowqualls develop expect to see anywhere from 2cm to 10cm along the shores of Lake Superior.


  1. There’s no forecasting what mother nature will do any more, it’s anyone’s guess, you just have to wait and see.
    After the last two winters we’re very much looking forward to a very warm and green christmas this time around. 🙂

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