A Bon Soo Memory


For decades, thousands of people have jumped into the St. Mary’s river in the middle of winter for something to do. The annual dip , known as the polar bear swim has traditionally been the closing event for the Bon Soo Winter Carnival, but this year the swim is being moved to the opening weekend. It was cancelled last year due to the extreme cold and a few years before that it was cancelled when the city shut down thanks to all day blizzard.

That was one of the primary reasons for changing it to opening weekend for the 2016 winter carnival, to give the committee an opportunity to re-schedule if need be due to the weather.

The event draws people from all over , young and old, male and female and many do it every year!

This vintage photo courtesy the Bon Soo committee  is from one of the earlier swims, when the concept was still fairly new. SaultOnline.com will be publishing other memories from the carnival past right through to the end of the carnival on February 15th. If you have memories to share including photos, we will be more than happy to share them with thousands of other SaultOnline.com readers. Send your photos and memories to [email protected]

Here’s a few other shots from the 2014 polar bear swim too!