A New Year’s Message on Tracy’s Dream


How things have changed in a year. I’m coming up on my first year anniversary of Tracy’s Dream. I very pleased I brought my ideas forward about helping cancer patients in our community. Throughout our lives we are given opportunities to act on our ideas and dreams. I hope that I have impressed upon many that our ideas and dreams can come true, no matter how simple they may seem in our minds. I still join millions in the dream of a cure for this horrible and invasive disease. By Invasive I mean Invasive to our bodies, our minds, our families and friends, and our community.

TRACEYS DREAMI have always been community minded and active, but like most I used to have just my circle of family and friends. Since the launch of Tracy’s Dream I feel my community has become my family. I have been touched by all of you in one way or another. You have supported my dream; you have spoken to me every kind word imaginable. Your words, your prayers, cards, posts, PM’s and letters have all given me encouragement, strength on my weakest days. I would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and all the best in this New Year.

I have struggled a lot in the past months and have been somewhat elusive. I cannot apologize for this it’s just part of the journey. I’m feeling better over the last week or two for which I can give credit to all of our health care persons and friends for helping me get strong again to resume treatments.

Tracy’s Dream continues to assist Cancer Patients receiving both Chemotherapy and Radiation with parking costs. We have been actively selling the 2016 Algoma District Breast Cancer Survivors Calendar in the community.

Thank You all citizens of the Algoma District for supporting this fundraising effort.
It is our hope with these additional calendar funds raised we will be able to expand the criteria to include more type of visits to the Cancer Centre beyond Chemo and Radiation. Once final sales are in and costs paid we will determine how we can further help with the parking costs. Despite the increase.

Calendars are still for sale in the community or from our home at 942-2012
Place an order at facebook.com/groups/TracysDream/

-Thanks Dennis and Tracy Dinelle