Acting For Change


David Poluck candidate for Ward 2 will this Thursday January 21st be hosting an “Acting for Change” gathering at the Moose Family Center, 111 Trunk Road 7-8:30

Acting for Change, a system, based on the Continuous Improvement model, which can be applied to any community concern needing attention. This system involves identifying an issue, studying it, taking action and following up with review

Come out and witness how easy this important tool can help to move forward ideas and solutions that better the community.

Special guest speaker and M.C. Julie Hryniewicz will demonstrate how the model works and will be applied to 2 community issues on January 21st, from 7-8:30pm at the Moose Lodge, including:

Accountability and Transparancy

Ted Johnson presents information and to solicit discussion on Part V.1 of the Municipal Act (sections 223.1 to 223.24) where under the act where it provides that municipalities may pass bylaws to establish;

• a code of conduct for council and local board members
• an Integrity Commissioner
• a municipal Ombudsman
• an Auditor General
• a lobbyist registry and registrar

Public Safety
Rob Shaughnessy presents information to solicit discussion on Fire Public Safety and the importance of a Comprehensive Risk Assesment for the City of Sault Ste Marie

David extends this invitation to you to “Act for Change” and see for yourself how electing David Poluck not only adds value to our existing city council, but it also brings with him, an entire network of volunteers who have been working with and ‘acting for change’ with David for numerous years, who will continue to do so.
All candidates have been invited to attend this event.


  1. Project Sault Ste. Marie will also be on hand recording the event so it can be watched by those not attending. We will post a link to the video after the event. We will also have our project on display, feel free to come over and see our progress and what project Sault Ste. Marie is all about

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