Attention Ward 2 Residents, a Word From Andy Martens


Ward 2 Candidate Andy Martens issued the following today:

Happy New Year,…..time to get by-election into overdrive mode, meet & greet town hall will be on January 14 at George Leach from 6–8 p.m….Join us as we get questions and answers on several issues that effect Ward 2. Sault Fire will be there , as will some councillors.

I am working to get elected in Ward 2, people are telling me they are fed up with high property taxes , high PUC costs, and lack of jobs.

City Councillors need to do more, if elected on February 1 will bring forward a resolution to ask Mayor and Council to form a committee of business people and interested residents to brainstorm how we can market Sault Ste Marie around world, simply put, we cannot continue the status quo, in 2016. Residents of Sault Ste Marie are not getting their bang for their buck from EDC or EDF fund. Therefore, we need to expand the team to increase the industrial tax base and attract people to this community to get taxes down, more people, less taxes. We cannot attract people to this great city by cutting essential services such as fire and police services.