Photo – Julie Pictured with Mark Victor Hansen (2004 - Los Angeles, California)

I was feeling bored. Last night, the house was quiet, my husband was working and laundry and cleaning were done. This past week, I had organized closets and cupboards, sorted income tax paperwork and even did touch up painting in a bedroom. I had showered, eaten, taken garbage and recycling outside and had no other outstanding items on my daily list. As I stared at the available programs on TV, I sighed out loud and was feeling uninspired.

When I was younger, it was unacceptable to say that we were bored. My mother believed that my sisters and I could always find a way to entertain ourselves and that boredom was laziness or lack of imagination. ‘Get outside’, ‘go for a bike ride’, ‘play a game’, ‘build a fort’ were often uttered our way. Boredom was not an option, and for good reason.

As I contemplated finding a movie on Netflix, I realized that I needed to turn off the television and find something more productive to do. I thought about reading, but remembered that I needed new reading glasses, or I would get a headache. Instead, I searched the word, ‘bored’ on the Internet and proceeded to look for creative solutions to my dilemma.

After stumbling upon some mindless magic card trick, I shook myself straight and decided to engage in some motivational audio programs. It is remarkable how many options are available at the click of a button, when I used to have to order and purchase them at an event or online. It was much cheaper as well.

After searching one of my favourite speakers, Mark Victor Hansen (co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Empire) I landed on one of his recordings which was combined with a recording of Earl Nightingale’s, ‘The Strangest Secret’. I had read about Nightingale’s 1956 recording over a decade ago, but never had the opportunity to listen to it. I was excited that it was online, at my disposal and for free on YouTube.
I felt in my element. For several years, since 1997, I read, listened to audio programs and watched video programs about personal growth and it was a weekly and sometimes daily ritual. At one point, I felt that the things I was immersed in were repetitious and I became bored. I realized that I was hearing the same messages over and over again.

I also believed that some of the concepts were not working. What I believed was possible, in the beginning, seemed out of reach. My goals were grand and the results weren’t coming quick enough. I became discouraged, frustrated and confused. Why wasn’t this positive thinking stuff working?

Getting to the point where I stopped purchasing new products and giving away my entire library of books, cassette tapes, CDs, memory sticks and DVDs was a symbolic shift to return to my old way of thinking. I drifted away from the information that kept my mind sharp and focused. I decided that it was a waste of my time and energy and that I needed to stop reaching so high.

As I write this, I am vividly aware of how sad that statement is. I felt that I needed to curb my wishes, give up on my life quest and conform to what seemed possible, instead of impossible. I resigned to mediocrity and put my dreams away on a shelf.

I am happy to say, that I have come to my senses and I am no longer willing to put my visions and goals away. We have these desires for a reason and we are being guided to them because we already have the skills, talent and gifts to make them happen.
What is needed is a belief in ourselves, a strong commitment to take action and the discipline to stay focused on the process. I am excited to be refreshed and renewed and back to surrounding myself with resources, tools and information which will give me the best possible chance of realizing my goals.

If you are ever bored or tired of the status quo, I hope that you will search out empowering and enlightening information as well. If you are interested in a 40 minute recording that is quite insightful and powerful, here is a link with Mark Victor Hansen and Earl Nightingale to start with, which will be well worth your

‘Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality.’ ~ Earl Nightingale

Some things have to be believed, to be seen.’ ~ Mark Victor Hansen