Chilly Lily! Missing Texas Dog Found!

Lily is reunited with her owners.
Photo of Lily supplied
Photo of Lily supplied

The New Year just got a lot more happier for the owners of Lily, a dog visiting from Texas that went missing last weekend at Hiawatha Park. published a story on Saturday in hopes it would draw more attention to the search efforts and it worked along with social media feeds. The article caught the attention of Sault Search and Rescue who aided in the search.

Many in the community read the story and joined in the search for the mid sized lab named Lily who was visiting friends in Sault Ste. Marie along with her Shelley Judd  from Texas. The dog had to survice for four days and in some of the coldest weather yet this winter.

Over the weekend a few sightings of Lily were reported and a live trap was offered to capture the dog.

We’re happy to tell you Lilly was captured today and has been reunited with her owners. Safe and Sound.


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