Dog hit by car runs away


It’s a dog owner’s worst nightmare when their best friend goes missing, but it’s even worse if the dog is injured.

That the case with this missing dog who went missing earlier today. Shipley and his owner were out for a walk when he got away.

“Shipley got loose while out for a walk in Sault Ste Marie in the Wellington Street Area near Arthur Funeral Home.” was notified right away.

He was in the back lane way and was also hit by a vehicle. It is unknown what if any injuries the dog may have.  Needless to say, the owner is frantic. The dog is likely scared if injured.

Please call Debbie or 705 – 971-9740 message us or call.
He is micro chipped.

Any help to look for him would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Has there been any luck in locating the dog..I hope all is ok…I know all to this past summer..I to lost a dog who ran off and got hit by a car..yet to our luck the driver took PORKCHOP to the vet..yet sadly he died of injuries sustained…I hope this ends in a happy way..will say a prayer…hugs…

  2. No sightings at all since John St this afternoon..he has to be hiding can people in that area please keep an extra eye out and if you spot him, please do not chase him..but if you can spare 5 minutes keep him in site and contact the owner right away.

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