Gas prices finally fall below a buck in the Sault


Don’t blink now, but gas prices have finally fallen below a buck a litre in Sault Ste. Marie. Most stations have cut prices to 99.9 cents a litre while others are still holding onto 100.9

Downward prices on oil now sitting below $29 a barrel along with the cheap Canadian dollar are behind the recent price cuts at the pumps.

As always, it always takes a little longer for prices to follow suit with the rest of the Province. Many cities in Ontario (Southern Ontario) have seen prices fall well below a buck. Some stations selling for as cheap as 75 cents.

Gas Price Heat Map
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It was a bout a year ago that drivers in the Sault took advantage of low fuel prices when 2015 began with prices about 97 cents. Oil by the way was a lot more expensive a year ago.


  1. Yall need to give your head a shake COME ON NOW!!! PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS BECAUSE OF THIS CRAP AND YALL ARE HAPPY ABOUT IT? Get your mind out of your pocket books and think about who is being effected through all this. I ashamed at everyone who is happy about this I hope to never walk by you because you would deff hear from me how you shouldn’t be happy about this you should be hoping it changes very soon!

  2. Like pulling hen’s teeth getting these crooks to get in line with what the prices should be. It’s criminal what they get away with.
    Gas is 70 cents a liter in places, it should be down to at least 80 cents here.

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