Guy calls police to complain about bad pot


On January 8, 2016 City Police received a call from a male that was staying at a local motel / hotel in the east end of the city.

Police investigation revealed that the male was allegedly intoxicated and had called police to complain about his purchase of some bad marihuana. A quantity of marihuana was found on the bed.

The accused a Male  age 55 of West Nipising, Ontario was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. The accused is scheduled to appear in court on February 8, 2016 at 9:00 am.


  1. LOL … but is it really that funny? Or just sad and, honestly, sort of pathetic?

    In 2015, the majority (!) of this country’s voting populace elected a sovereign leader who has made a campaign promise to legalize marijuana – and our police, our so-called “finest”, are still behaving like tax parasites and creating expensive bureaucratic proceedings by way of court bookings – all so that they can, what, earn some credibility from the last hurrah of baby boomers? “Yeah! Because the law is the law! Crucify that guy for crumbs of pipe resin! No mercy! It’s, uh, the law! Yeah!”

    For Christ’s sake, it’s 2016 – please get the ignorant filth who advanced this arrest approximately two thousand miles away from anything resembling authority. You are not fit to make societal decisions. I’m sorry. I’m tired of listening to GRANDMA_X_GLORIOUS_ALABAMA lay it down like it’s 1813 because it’s the law and the law’s the law, don’tcha know. These trash in BS-stained blue are costing us serious tax money pulling this crap when we’re trying to prevent this country from collapsing into recession against a near-historically terrible dollar.

    I feel like I have worked hard for the money that these incompetent Barney Fyfes are blowing away. And I voted. Something fierce. And whether you like it or not, whether you wanna chew me out and dismiss me or not – I don’t care, the polls spoke and – I won – my fellow Canadians came out to confirm my opinions. First time I came out of the woodworks to vote, actually, to get this parasitic garbage – Stephen Harper, the sorts of people who maintain the dated ideology of our local police force, and any other scum like them – to get these mentally invalid out of power and make way for those who have been marginalized by the Senile Vote for too long.

    And thankfully, we managed it. So if you disagree with me, and you got a nice little badge to polish? Tough. Suck my democracy.

    I pay a good chunk on my taxes, and you know what? I truly don’t care that so-and-so got some bad weed. Sucks, but them’s the breaks. Better luck next time. Probably prohibition to blame. Hopefully next time you’re picking up at the LCBO and we can all benefit from your choice. I’ll even foot you a toonie if you’re short and you’re holding the line up.

    I don’t want my money wasted arresting some old sod who got too stoned and called the cops because of buyers’ remorse. Hell, I’d rather the officers in question just spent it on weed themselves and maybe, after blazing up, did something CRAZY and NEW like ACTUALLY ENFORCING TRAFFIC LAWS or something we zany new age citizens actually care about.

    Because, frankly, we just don’t care about your 1 gram bust under the rhetorical guise of “small amount of narcotics.” We know what a joke. We’ve come to know what the police in this city are about. We know what to chuckle about and ignore, “Aw, that’s precious!”

    But guess what? We do care about the Grand Prix that goes completely ignored approximately every Essar shift change on Wallace Terrace.

    This isn’t funny. It’s desperation. Get these statistically overweight, ignorant tax parasites off the force. Let’s start promoting law enforcement with civically engaged and relevant peace officers – real peace officers – who care about today’s laws, today’s ideas, and not whether or not we screened Reefer Madness enough times to pretend we still have ground to stand on in 2016.

    • Come to think of it, though, I’m good with nailing the idiot for smoking in his hotel room. That’s a property crime and remains perfectly legitimate. But this whole possession nonsense? Please, officers, let’s be real with ourselves and observe meaningful law.

    • Calm down. We get the picture..maybe this cop is teaching this moron a lesson of not using our “precious tax dollars in a way that is completely ridiculous ” I would fine the moron too. Make the cop drive out there for cause he bought bad weed?! Give your head a shake.

  2. Who is really surprised? REALLY. “Marijuana also affects receptors in the cerebral cortex that are responsible for sensory perception, which can cause users to experience altered sensory experiences in areas such as touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. It can cause distorted perception, impaired coordination, difficulty in thinking and problem solving, and problems with learning and short-term memory (”

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