Home appraiser kicks dog in the head


A Sault Ste. Marie woman is furious with the actions of a local house appraiser after he purposely kicked her small dog in the head while conducting his work.

Mara Parr tells SaultOnline.com that an appraiser was hired by the CIBC bank to come to her mother-in-laws home earlier this week. Parr is living there with her two dogs. The appraiser in question is not an employee of the bank.

Parr tells SaultOnline.com the appraiser entered the home and began to do his job. He started looking around the home beginning in the kitchen area where the two dogs, a basset hound and a Yorkie  /  Chihuahua mix started to bark at the unknown man. The smaller dog went up to the man and started sniffing him as all dogs usually do when meeting a stranger. It was then that the man kicked the small dog in the head and the dog went flying 4 feet in the air.

It was witnessed by Parr – who was shocked at the incident. The appraiser then went on with his business as if nothing had happened. The dog, not seriously hurt was whining for several hours afterwards and was traumatized .

Parr said she didn’t have words with the man because she was upset and shocked. It wasn’t until after the man left that she called the OPP to report the incident.

“It’s not animal cruelty” OPP told her over the phone, said Parr.  Parr has since reported the same incident to the local SPCA who in turn told her that it was indeed considered animal cruelty and have commenced an investigation into the matter. The name of the appraiser and the firm for which he works has not been made public pending the investigation.

Parr who posted the story on Facebook has since heard of similar occurrences by the same appraiser said Parr.

Parr understands that some people don’t like dogs but at no point did the man ask the dogs to be removed. “He just kicked the small dog to shut him up, well dogs bark it’s what they do”

Parr said “the man didn’t apologize or was remorseful or anything”.


  1. With my experience with dogs, the basset hound would have stayed away and just barked loudly while wagging it’s tail, the Yorkie/ Chihuahua would have been barking, growling and nipping his legs. The small rat like dogs have terrible temperament and get away with biting because it doesn’t do any damage. Good chance this dog deserved it.

  2. i will share his name soon via craig huckerby and the opp officer as as well. if u have friends who are members of facebook page pet sault ste marie and area its all there.

  3. this is my dog’s home. If you don’t like dogs tell me and I would of made arrangements. If that would of been my dog, that SOB would of had to deal with me. I would of returned the favor and kicked him in the head.. I hope to god they release his name and no one hires him

  4. I would love to know this jerks name!!! He should be kicked too and loose his job. Good thing I don’t deal with cibc. Please someone inbox me this ######## name. It will be useful for my future and my dogs future.

  5. The thing here is if you kicked your dog cops would come and charge you and take your animal,but a stranger can do it and get away with it.Second your paying for this idiot to come to your house and give you a low appraisal and kick your dog. Wow wow wow…

  6. So, different scenario….. if this was your child and someone kicked it, you would have immediately ( i hope) have kicked this SOB out of your house……….why is it any different with your dog. If he were in my house , he would have immediately been escorted to the door while I was on the phone with the police, bank, and whomever to take care of his dirty deed…….. what he did was wrong ( but lesson learned…….. keep your dogs secure when strangers are in the house ) and there would be no way in the world that this person would have been allowed to have stayed a moment longer. Why you allowed him to stay is beyond comprehension.

  7. From what I’ve read here I’m now wondering if this is the guy that likes to lowball rural properties, especially north of town?
    Sounds like he may need a new profession or to retire.

  8. it’s common courtesy to keep your dogs tied up or in a room if you have someone coming over to your house. dogs are not children, some people are fearful of dogs, and many of them never grew up around dogs. it’s just disrespectful to let my dog bother and sniff the Shaw guy when he’s over doing work. This story also isn’t very believable, she witnesses him kicking the dog but lets him continue the work? She calls the OPP and they do nothing? sounds like the cops didn’t buy her story either. have some respect for OTHERS and keep your dogs away for visitors in your home. your dogs are not your children…

    • his business was with my mother in law. you do not know the predicament i am. in with my family. i let them. finish their business so i wont be blamed that i ruined the deal get it? you shouldnt judge right away without knowing the facts. this is. my in laws house and although we pay them monthly they still own the house and their business is theirs. i waited til they were done and called my husband for i did not know what to do. granting this is the first time someone kicked my dog, i didnt know what to do next.

    • my dog is my child…if you want me to put the dog away than ask. Even if the story is not true no need to disrespect anything or one in your home. And if me or my loved ones are assulted in my home I will respond with force.

  9. It seemering and s that this man sees himself as overpowering and arrogant because of his job ?
    To the point of damaging property , it’s unprovable without evidence , but for the victim to post it something must have happened . Charges of willful damages should be had , but as I say , unprovable .

  10. The OPP OFFICER stated it was not animal cruelty?? A dog being kicked in the head…Really now!! If that is so, I fully recommend a complaint be put forward to OIRPD in relation to his lack of knowledge or laziness, whichever it happens to be!! And as a Police K9 officer, I’m embarrassed for him!! Hey, Mr. OPP officer should you want to discuss this further… Send me a msg!!! As far as the so called appraiser goes… I invite u to come to my house and throw a kick at my partner!! I won’t step in… I’ll let him handle it while I call u an ambulance u piece of trash!!!

  11. I hope CIBC is doing something about this. They know the name of the appraiser and appraisal company. Do they not screen these people? I know where I WON’T BE GOING for a mortgage.

    • CIBC contracts out appraisers. They have no idea this was going on with this appraiser. The branch manager is aware of this now and will escalate the issue, I do not think he will get another job from them.

  12. If the police do not see it as cruelty to an animal then maybe they will see it as destruction of property. Either way I would suggest a vet visit to make sure this poor little guy is ok. What does he weigh like 5lbs. There is absolutely no reason for what happened…If this appraiser had had customer service he would have asked to please put the dogs away. As a realtor and a Mortgage Broker I would not feel comfortable with hiring an appraiser that would treat my clients or their fur children in such a manner. I too go to peoples homes with my work. I would never think of harming a family pet and certainly if I were afraid or allergic I would have kindly asked the owners to hold them away from me. A heavy boot could have killed that pup. There is enough competition in any business. This man should have held back for his own reputation if nothing else. Makes me think he doesn’t respect himself so why would he respect people who’s homes he is entering. Sorry if this sounds harsh. I know there is 3 sides to every story and right now we are hearing one. But the image or the thought of this one side angers me. I too would like to know who it was.

  13. It’s a really, really good thing that the little dog didn’t belong to me. It would not have been the dog that yelped. This idiot needs to be charged

  14. As someone who had to enter property to do my work, there was no need for this dog to be present during this appraisal. By allowing the appraiser into the home, the owner takes responsibility for the dogs. Had the dog bitten the appraiser, I am sure a law suit would have followed. A dog bite in that case would have followed with a WSIB claim, and probable third party law suit.

    I am sure this appraiser has been confronted with dogs before, and may have even been bitten. The dog owner has to take responsibility for this incident.

    • if the appraiser has a problem. with dogs, he should have requested any animals to be contained prior to his arrival.. im sorry but my home is my children’s home and isince. my pets are. my kids its their home as well. and im sure YoU do not go around kickung other peoples dogs do you bill?

      • sorry it’s the owners responsibility, not the appraisers. it’s to be assumed dogs and other ANIMALS are kept away from visitors. it’s absolutely ridiculous for them to call every home and ASK them to remove their pets for them. it’s called respect for others and common courtesy

        • Even still, the aggressive behavior of the appraiser was uncalled for. He should have asked her to remove the dogs once he was there if he had any concerns. He was violent, end of story.

    • This Guy obviously hates dogs….Easy solution..Before you go into a client’s home, ask that any dogs in the home be confined while He does His Appraisal…Makes me sick to my stomach to think He has the audacity to do this to a small little dog, that for one thing is in its own home…If this story is True and it sounds like it is, as this guy has done it before..Charges should be laid,to think that a grown man can hurt a small dog like that…Hope He likes little kids…wouldn’t want Him to meet up with a crying toddler!!

  15. Here’s a thought (not condoning what happened)
    Anyone going to someone’s house to conduct business should not have to deal with barking or nipping pets. They should be secured in a different area or removed from the home until the business has concluded.
    Some people are terrified of dogs.

  16. We also suspect he kicked our dog as he took off running and yelped. We didn’t actually see it though unfortunately. It is probably a good thing we didn’t. I hope all banks in this city take note that she is not the only person to have this done and remove him from the appraisers list! Not only does he kick dogs, he doesn’t do his job properly and he gives horrible appraisal values on top of it!

  17. We are pretty sure the same thing happened with our dog and this man. He should lose his license! He caused nothing but problems, didn’t file the appraisal, allegedly told another client of the bank to eff off! He is a horribly miserable person!

  18. Wow, yes I would of asked him to leave and report him….but then again she might of been scared what he might do to her. I would of plastered this guys names all over facebook, if he has been known to do this before, why he is still working for this company>>>

    • I don’t think so. He behaved like a jackass and needs to be fired. She was probably frightened he might hurt *her* and kept her mouth shut until she was safe. It’s not unreasonable to think that. His life was hardly in danger from a damn Chihuahua. To play devil’s advocate here, the woman should have taken her dog away herself when he showed up.

    • She is telling the truth! I had this idiot in my house doing an appraisal, my husband was in the other room and our dog all of sudden welped and ran cowering! We couldn’t prove anything! Then on top of that he didn’t submit our appraisal and the bank REMOVED him from their list because he was nothing but problems and told another client of the bank to eff off!

    • if u were in my shoes, your mother in law is conducting a business w this guy in her house, and the incident just left you dumbfounded. you will be lost for words. thats the story and its not masked or anything. i was just being respectful towards my in law who was conducting business w this guy.

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