Letter: So Many Candidates for Ward 2…

letter to the editor

With Terry Sheehan moving on to become our Member of Parliament, the upcoming by-election for his city council seat sure did bring out the candidates for Ward 2. I am honoured to M.C. an event this Thursday January 21st, at 7pm at the Moose Lodge Family Centre on Trunk Road, which may be of interest to Ward 2 stakeholders.

How do residents choose, when there are 9 registered candidates running? It almost seems like a chaotic situation with so many people campaigning. Although there are so many amazing individuals to choose from, I wanted to share my direct experience with one of the candidates and the reason he is a fantastic choice for council.

Since 2000, over 15 years ago, David Poluck has immersed himself in community issues. To this date, he has done this all as a volunteer and has dedicated his time, resources and effort into moving community issues forward. He also brings with him dozens of individuals who have worked with him and will continue to do so.

As a readily accessible business owner for almost three decades (Northern Jeweller/Luraygems.com) and with his network of supporters, David Poluck spearheaded the Boxing Day issue, the Sault Ste. Marie Association of Ratepayers and was key in building a regional ratepayers association in 9 Ontario communities.

David Poluck also ran for council in 2006 and 2014 (holding the most votes in the 2014 election, next to the elected candidates) and was instrumental in getting the Boxing Day question on the ballot in 2010. Although so many of the candidates may be a suitable choice, David Poluck has demonstrated himself as a volunteer community action taker over many, many years in Sault Ste. Marie.

With his motto of, ‘Acting for Change’, David uses a system, based on the Continuous Improvement model, which can be applied to any community concern needing attention. This system involves identifying an issue, studying it, taking action and following up with review.

A demonstration of how the model works will be applied to 2 community issues on January 21st, from 7-8:30pm at the Moose Lodge, including the Fire Fighter’s Public Safety matter.
I invite you to join and see for yourself how electing David Poluck not only adds value to our existing city council, but it also brings with him, an entire network of volunteers who have been working with and ‘acting for change’ with David for numerous years, who will continue to do so.

Your vote does matter on Monday February 1, 2016, in the Ward 2 by-election. Hope to see you at the gathering this Thursday at 7pm to learn more. See you there!

For further information about David Poluck, please visit: www.davidpoluck.ca

Julie Hryniewicz