Much more snow on the way


See that snow in your front yard? well triple that amount by Monday as a series of disturbances move into the Great Lakes today and lasting through Monday.

The general call right now is another 30 to 40cm over the next few days. About 15cm is expected by Thursday night into Friday.

Now since the snow is falling with temperatures just above freezing, the wet snow likely won’t accumulate that much, a lot will melt, but as the temperatures start to dip below freezing this weekend, expect the snow to stick.

Most of the snowfall over the next four days will be from “system snow”  by late Sunday, the lake effect machine will kick in with sporadic snowsqualls and that’s where the major snow will come from.  From Sunday morning to Monday afternoon, about 20cm can be expected.

The rest of the month looks pretty much like we expected, temperatures around “normal” meaning around -5c with the odd day being colder. February looks snowy and cold at this point.  With that said, Sault Ste. Marie will continue to see a milder than normal winter and much less snow for the season as in the past.