“Music to Their Ears”

Pictured above, Judith Kovala and Ellie Love from Maitland Ford Lincoln present a cheque for $6650.00 to Guy Traficante, Sandra Hollingsworth, and Sam Nicoletta from the Algoma Conservatory of Music. From left to right: Ellie Love, Sandra Hollingsworth, Guy Traficante, Judith Kovala, and Sam Nicoletta.

It was music to their ears when the Algoma Conservatory of Music heard that they would be receiving a cheque for over $6,000.

These funds were raised under the direction of the Conservatory’s Fundraising Committee, chaired by Sandra Hollingsworth and Sam Nicoletta. Their most recent initiative, a partnership with Maitland Ford Lincoln to host a “Lincoln Driven to Give” event, raised over $6,000 for the Conservatory in just one day last fall. This is the second Lincoln Driven to Give event that Hollingsworth and Nicoletta have organized with Maitland Ford Lincoln, raising over $16,000 for the Conservatory through this partnership.

conservatory-2All funds raised are to assist with the purchase and renovation of the Conservatory’s stunning new facility at 75 Huron Street – the historic former office building of St. Mary’s Paper.

Hollingsworth said she was “thrilled that these events have been so successful”.

The Algoma Conservatory of Music, a non-profit music school affiliated with Algoma University, has established itself as one of the finest music schools in Ontario and is proud to call Sault Ste. Marie home.

Under the direction of Guy Traficante, the Conservatory offers an extensive range of instrumental and vocal lessons, programs for young children, concerts, special events and the annual Sault Ste. Marie Music Festival. The school has also fostered an important relationship with Algoma University that has allowed them to relocate an impressive group of teachers and performers. Each year, hundreds of students of all ages benefit from the Conservatory’s superb teachers, programs, and events.

Hollingsworth and Nicolleta, who have been actively involved in raising funds for the Conservatory for over two years, feel that raising these funds allows the Conservatory to go above and beyond in developing the incredible musical talent in Sault Ste. Marie – an important aspect of the City’s Arts and Culture.


  1. To use the Algoma Conservatory of Music for political gain is very sad.
    Note: no snow on the ground, cheque is dated for December. This press release is from last year.
    Too bad saultonline fell for it.

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