Now what?


So, a new year has begun, most of our holiday decorations have been put away, Christmas holidays are over, kids are back to school and we are sitting here, waiting for all of the good stuff to start.

One of my projects is to find an extra part-time contract or position, where I can speed up paying off one of my loans. My daughter is looking for a job as well. We have been busy with resumes, cover letters and applications.

This down time, in between the setting and the attainment of our goals, can often be the hardest part. We can get motivated, excited and hopeful for the future and then when we don’t get instant results, we tend to feel frustrated.

For any of us who have decided to take new action on changing something about our life, there is a process. If we have realistic expectations and can stay positive along the way, we will have a much more tolerable time, while we wait. Instead of just wishing and hoping, we need to make concrete decisions and intentions and then take action.

Just last night, my daughter wanted to officially fill out and submit her college application. It was such a proud moment for me when this was done. We were on high, as we discussed and envisioned her heading off to the next adventure toward her future career.

As we were getting ready for bed, she stated, ‘Well, I just hope I get accepted’. My heart sank in that moment. There is no doubt in my mind that she will become a post-secondary school student this year. I immediately corrected her that she had to set her mind straight so that she will not sabotage her efforts. She must stay true to really believing that this is possible for her.

When we are in progress, toward any intention or goal, our mindset and our attitude have everything to do with our success. If we resort to putting ourselves down, doubting our abilities or focusing on the things that are not going well, we will tend to revert to hold habits and give up part way through.

If we have doubt, we may slack or lose focus on anything needed to accomplish the goal because we think that there is a chance that we might not get want we want anyway, and there is no use fooling ourselves.

Especially in a job search, the process is gruelling. We feel rejected and not good enough when we don’t get any calls back and we assume that there must be something wrong with us. The reality is that our application could be sitting in a pile that no one has even gotten around to yet, there may be dozens or even hundreds of applications for the same position or it is even possible that another person who is hired may not work out.

I have a relative who ended up winning the grand prize for a sports contest, after the first person who won didn’t have a valid passport to travel. I back out of a position once, within a short time, when I realized it was not the right fit for me and another strong candidate ended up taking the job. Students who accept college and university spots may back out when the school or program they really wanted comes through, leaving it open to the next student in line.

On the road to our goals, there will be tests along the way, to see if we are really ready for what we want. If we break into our negativity chant, curse about how the world is a horrible place or express constant strife and aggravation about why our life sucks so bad, then we are obviously not ready.

Instead, we have to keep searching, researching, learning, preparing, growing, expressing gratitude for what is going right and staying patient on our path.

If your desires, wishes and goals haven’t manifested into reality yet, it will be essential to allow the process to unfold, continuing to take action and making a commitment to remaining hopeful.

Here’s to all of our intentions coming true, while remaining annoyingly optimistic along the way.

‘My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose – somehow we always win out.’ ~ Ronald Reagan

‘Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.’ ~ Pablo Picasso