Poluck is all about Accountability and Transparency


Ward 2 candidate David Poluck says City Hall needs to be more accountable and transparent, something he claims the city knows of, but doesn’t act upon. Poluck says there are tools available in the Municipal Act to improve accountability and transparency, but we as a community do not avail ourselves of them.

‘Acting for Change’, a system, based on the Continuous Improvement model, can be applied to any community concern needing attention.” Poluck said in a release Friday.

This system involves identifying an issue, studying it, taking action and following up with review Found in the Municipal Councillor’s Guide on page 8 you will find the following information pertaining “to help ensure integrity and accountability in public office, Part V.1 of the act (sections 223.1 to 223.24) provides that municipalities may pass bylaws to establish:”
• a code of conduct for council and local board members
• an Integrity Commissioner
• a municipal Ombudsman
• an Auditor General
• a lobbyist registry and registrar

Sault Ste. Marie currently only has the Code of Conduct passed by council 2010- 01- 25

“Reviewing information from thirty random Ontario municipalities it has been found that twenty eight have in place lobby registry Registration and Integrity Commissioners.” stated in the release.

Community size does not seem to matter as both smaller municipalities, as well as Sarnia as a comparative city “closest” to Sault Ste Marie in terms of size.

Accountability and transparency are paramount in maintaining public trust in council and in the management of your municipality as Section 224 of the act explicitly outlines.

For the betterment of “Accountability and Transparency”

“I if elected to council would hold public consultation and lobby at council to pass by-laws to establish these crucial tools of democratic process.”