Pre-budget Talks in Sault Ste. Marie


The Ontario government’s standing committee on finance and economic affairs held pre-budget talks at the Delta Waterfront Inn on Thursday morning. Essar Steel, EDC, and OPSEU were just three of several that made presentations.

IMG_1311While the presentations were being made, there was a rally being held outside by people that are concerned about our health care and jobs threatened by prospective cuts and privatizations of the system. They issued a press release that can be accessed at the following link.


While Essar Steel’s presentation was expected, retirees will be surprised to hear that the company wants to be able to use monies from the pension plan for company needs. This has happened in the past with a different owner.

While health care is and should be a major issue, the economy should also be a major factor, especially in Sault Ste. Marie. We have a staggering unemployment rate, extremely high prices in everything from food to energy prices. This government has a difficult job ahead of them but like Della Vedova said in his interview, “if they can’t find solutions to the problems, maybe we should be changing the government.”

Orazietti Optimistic

IMG_1308Even with the rally going on outside, David Orazietti, MPP for Sault Ste. Marie is optimistic that these meetings will be fruitful and produce many good ideas coming from the organizations that participated in them.

Contrary to the SSMarie Health Coalition belief that spending has gone down, he said that the government has contributed in excess than 40% more to the Health Care System in the last few years. He also reassured the retirees that there is legislation in place to guarantee their pensions.


  1. What was actually said by the Health Coalition at the hearing was:

    “We are deeply disturbed at the devastating cuts we are seeing to needed public hospital and long term care in our community. Therefore, the Sault and Area Health Coalition is calling on Ontario’s government through the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs to:

    1. stop the devastating cuts to our Sault Area Hospital (SAH)
    2. stop the privatization of our local hospital services
    3. restore our public hospital funding formula to at least the average of all the other
    provinces in Canada. Ontario currently ranks at the bottom of the country in public
    hospital funding per person and 8th of 10 provinces in hospital funding as a percentage
    of provincial GDP.”
    Margo Dale, Sault Ste. Marie Health Coalition

  2. Mr. Orazietti’s comments demonstrates the continuation of political lack of honesty . As he makes these comments the Soo hospital increases parking fees to create needed revenue according to them .. contridication in reality .. according to Mr Orazietti funding has been increase .. hmm mm something doesn’t add up .. how about trying something new HONESTY AND MAKE REAL DIFFERENCE .. ESSAR wants to use their employees money to buy out from this steel plant… isn’t it true they are looking to sell and possibly looking to buy stucco in Hamilton … they are not here for the long haul … and what has this city councel members and provincial government has done in the last 25 years which I left to find good jobs down south . Since I been back the only major thing this city has down is add a Walmart … home depot .. and moved the hospital with wait times of 8 hours or more … and call centres … we give these politicians raises for what .. and last year the city with their collective brains decided we needed another hardware store .. how about a Costco. . That would have attracted people to shop here specially from the states … another presume on our local hardware stores and another missed opportunity ..

  3. Mr. Orazietti’s claim of increased funding to Ontario’s hospitals is questionable. The funding numbers need to be factored against inflation to get a more true picture that frozen funding levels actually result in a decrease in available dollars for patient services.

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