Sault woman needs help as she fights for her life


A Sault Ste. Marie woman got some bad news 12 years ago. Lori Legros Veldt was diagnosed with primary billiary cirrhosis, a life threatening liver disease. Since then, her condition has worsened to the point where she will need a liver transplant.

Because of this, her Doctor preferred that she move to London Ontario – closer to a liver transplant centre. She simply can’t get the treatment she needs in the Sault and a few months ago she almost died.   ” I have had lots of complications this year such as having a bleed where I lost half my bodies volume of blood, which I’m told, I almost died from. I’ve had to have banding done in my throat for enlarged varices and have had multiple infections that have left me hospitalized.” Lori said.

“I now have found out that I have enlarged lymph nodes in my chest and abdomen and have to go through a risky biopsy to check for cancer” Lori is at high risk for liver cancer.

The illness has left her jobless. With no income and living far away from home, she is in need of help because of the financial hardship .

“I need this money to help pay for the many expenses I incur in Toronto when I go to see my specialist, to help me pay for prescriptions that aren’t covered and to help pay for healthy groceries . I need a cushion in the bank of funds to cover these things until i can get a transplant and eventually back to work again. I can’t even go home for a visit for emotional support because I can’t afford it.” Lori said.

Lori, like many others facing financial hardship due to an illness has taken to the web in hopes of raising the funds she needs.

Faced with a lot of unknowns, Lori is staying optimistic despite the financial burden on her and her family.   ” I had to give up my second year of college which gave me so much pride in myself and due to the fact that some days i can’t get out of bed, i can no longer work. I also had to leave behind all the people I love and lean on in order to survive.” Lori said,  “This is an incredibly tough journey I’m on and worrying about how I’m going to pay for all these things is overwhelming and more than I can take.”

If you are interested in making a small donation to the cause, please visit Lori’s GoFundMe page here.