Sears looks to close stores, will Sault location be saved?


A major retailer is facing uncertainties which may include the store in Sault Ste. Marie.

Sears Canada says “everything is on the table” in regards to cutting costs by closing under-performing stores across Canada

The giant retailer has instructed a real estate firm to look at alternatives uses for some of Sear’s weakest stores with a target of “shirking its store network”

“We’ve got this network we’re going to rationalize and we’re going to figure out which stores make the most sense,” said Brandon Stranzl, executive chairman of Sears Canada told the Globe&Mail . Stranzl took the top job last summer.

The retailer like many more before them, have seen sales drop in recent years. Sales at Sears nationally have fallen by almost half to $3B compared to over $6B ten years ago.

In Sault Ste. Marie, Sears operates a full-line department store at the Station Mall. It’s been the main anchor for that mall since the mall opened in 1973.

Sears has about 10 outlet stores, 40 home stores and 95 traditional full-line department stores.

The company is determined to turn around its core business and remain in many locations, said  Stranzl. Some stores will be downsized or closed when the lease expires.

The retailer did say that talking about specific locations will not be disclosed “until all arrangements are finalized or no final decisions on the extent of planned closures.”

“We want to fix Sears as a mall-based department store, as a destination for home products in the home stores,” he said. “That doesn’t mean we’re going to keep all the home stores. That doesn’t mean we’re going to keep all the full-line stores.” Stranzl



  1. Sears was always a bad experience for me. The customer service is way beyond horrible. I’ve been in there randomly since I was young and never had a good experience. Sad seeing people lose their jobs. Especially now when the economy is so low. Won’t miss this store if it closed. Good luck to their staff. Word of advice…. Get better customer service skills for your next job. As for pricing, I’ve seen some items for way cheaper at Walmart with the same quality. Most items are over priced and not worth my time.

  2. Sears are one of the few stores left were you can actually have staff help you with your purchase. Their merchandise may be a little more expensive but i think it’s of better quality than a lot of the other big box stores. I hope they decide to keep their store here open for a long time. Just my thoughts.

  3. Honestly, Sears does appear to be “high priced” on initial look, however, they often run very good sales, especially on their clothes, which are better quality and last longer than Walmart’s cheap crap. The last pair of dress pants I bought at Walmart had to be repaired due to holes within a month or two. The last pair I bought at Sears lasted a a few years. Often they have a clearance/markdown price and then offer another 30% off that price. I just got a beautiful outfit for my daughter that was $14.99 sale price, then another 30% off that. That’s way cheaper than a comparable branded outfit at Walmart. I would hate to see this store close. Additionally, does this city really need more jobs lost? The economy here is so bad as it is.

  4. Been in the Sault over 30 years, bought at Sears twice in all that time… Won’t miss it if it goes as they were always overpriced… Maybe we can get a Giant Tiger or some other discount store to compete a bit with WalMart, because Sears never did…

    • Wow!! You sound a little bitter and angry and extremely CHEAP. Nothing like not being concerned over people losing their jobs. P.S. Quality does come at a price. You get what you pay for el cheapo.

      • ‘Scuse me, but you are the one that sounds bitter, not me… Jobs come and go, nothing in life is guaranteed anymore. Prices are high there so people go to Walmart, plain and simple… On a fixed income you shop for bargains always.. Stores come and stores go, Sears time is up, I guess…….

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