Starting the New Year poorly


On Jan 1st at 2:40 am Patrol Officers conducting a RIDE check arrested and charged Jeffrey Pelletier, age 28, of Cumberland Ave. with Driving over .08. He was additionally charged with two counts of Breach of Recognizance. Pelletier will appear in court on February the 8th.

On Jan. 1st at 4:04 am Patrol Officers responded to a motor vehicle collision on Wallace Terrace at Korah Rd. The officers found the driver of the motor vehicle to have been drinking. The driver, Melanie Stone, age 38 of Wawa was arrested and charged with Drive over .08. She will appear in court on February 8th.

Overnight Patrol Officers arrested 4 adult persons for being intoxicated in a public. These persons were brought to the station to sober up.


  1. Is this actually still a thing? Really? How can people be so ignorant, stupid and selfish. I lost a cousin because of an idiot who couldn’t call a cab. These people need to give their head a shake.

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