The SSM Horticultural Society. 90 years on


The Sault Ste. Marie Horticultural Society held it’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Monday January 4th, 2015, in the United Baptist Church hall, Malabar St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Time to renew the annual dues, and elect the Officers and Executive for 2016. The SSM Horticulture Society was established in 1926. That makes this bloomin’ wonderful society 90 years old!

Back Row: Rod Morrison Middle Row:  Steph Hattie, Karen Poirier, Jeanne Huntley, Suzanne Hanna,                            Rita West, Wendy Bingham  Front - seated     Lorraine DeFazio, Margaret Carruthers, Helen Zavitz,                                          Nancy Tibbles
Back Row: Rod Morrison
Middle Row: Steph Hattie, Karen Poirier, Jeanne Huntley, Suzanne Hanna,
Rita West, Wendy Bingham
Front – seated Lorraine DeFazio, Margaret Carruthers, Helen Zavitz,
Nancy Tibbles

20160104_191401If you have a green thumb, or just as importantly, if you do not have a green thumb, becoming a member of the Horticultural Society could be just the inspiration you need. Gardeners & horticulturalists are a most welcoming group; sharing knowledge, tips, and ideas about gardening in the Algoma District, from daisies to dahlias, comes with the $15.00 membership card.

Horticultural events, like the Annual Plant Sale in May & Seedy Saturday in late winter, lend support to the community as a whole, as does the Allard Street Community Gardens.

2015 saw the SSM Hort Society centralize the location for their annual plant sale, hosting the event entirely from the Allard Street Community Gardens site. May 23rd, 2015 brought out lots of gardeners, from the hopeful to the experienced, proving again, that nothing says springtime in the Sault, like a great plant sale. From flowers to vegetables, shrubbery & mulch, perennials and annuals, it can all be found in outstanding quality & extremely reasonable prices at the Hort Society’s annual plant sale.


Seedy Saturday is one of the Horticultural Society’s major fundraising and knowledge sharing events. Held in the doldrums of winter, the event comes at a time when researching seeds & seed catalogues provides essential stimulation for the gardening brain. Seedy Saturday. March 5th, 2016. Sault College is the location.


Did you know that the Horticultural Society plays a vital role in the beautification of our fair city?


“Our society maintains the Rose Memorial Garden at Bellevue Park in Sault Ste. Marie. The garden has several displays with engraved brass plaques in memory of loved ones who have passed away. For $20, you can order a plaque set (one with the loved one’s name and one with the donor’s name), and we will mount them on one of the displays. We have a similar “tribute” display honouring retirements, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The Horticultural Society has a group of members who use a greenhouse at the historic Parks Canada Canal to start their annual flowers and vegetables each spring. In return for the use of the greenhouse, this group grows extra flowers to help beautify the canal site.”(


As a member of the Ontario Horticulture Association, the local Society is able to tap into a wider network. The Society has offered workshops with guest speakers, including Master Gardeners, about trends in gardening, rose bush 101, mulch, manure, mixes and maintenance, even weeding and watering. Many Hort Society members have been called upon as guest speakers for various service organizations, churches, and club meetings.
An annual membership includes the Horticultural Society’s newsletter, published 4 times a year, discounts at local businesses, and the camaraderie of 150 (or so) fellow members.(in 2015)


The SSM Hort Society AGM also provided the perfect opportunity to present a gift to A.R.C.H. The Society received a generous donation in 2015 from Mario Palumbo, Northside Toyota, which was used to raise funds through a silent auction. Members of the society also made donations, and a total of $854.00 was realized. The donation was gifted towards the recently announced & eventual pediatric space destined for A.R.C.H. Alexandra Mantha, an intern working with A.R.C.H. was in attendance to accept the artfully framed cheque. Alexandra shared a warm thank you from the team at A.R.C.H.

The following link will take you to information about ‘Chocolate Express’, an upcoming A.R.C.H. fundraising event at Stokely Creek Lodge on January 17th, 2016. The snow has arrived.
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