Two males with a long list of charges


At 2:00 A.M. on January 16, 2016 a female attended at the City Police Station and made a complaint of domestic assault and forcible confinement. As a result of an investigation, Officer from patrol service and the Emergency Services Unit attended a residence in the central part of the city. Two males, a 21 and 35 year old, surrendered themselves without incident.

A search warrant was obtained and executed at the residence. An undisclosed amount of drugs and weapons were located and seized. No further information is being released at this time as the investigation is continuing.

One male is currently facing 14 Criminal charges:

Possession of a controlled drug, forcible confinement, uttering death threats, two counts of assault, two counts of assault with a weapon, pointing a firearm, two counts of possession of a firearm without a license, possession of a loaded prohibited weapon, two counts of possession of a firearm in when prohibited from doing so, and breach of probation.

The second male arrested in connection with the incident has been charged with the following:

Possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm without a license, possession of loaded shotgun, careless storage of a firearm,

Both males have appeared in WASH court and will be appearing in Bail Court on Monday, January 18, 2016