You Won, You Won!!!


“Hello, is Mrs. Joyce Biggs home? No she’s not. This is Mr. Sergio Iacoe, Principal of Korah Collegiate. She just won our annual draw for the Super Bowl tickets.”
Redial. “Hello is this Mr. Biggs? ”
Redial. “Hello Mr. Biggs?”
Crowd roars.

That is how the conversation went between Mr. Iacoe and Mr. Biggs, husband of Joyce Biggs, who won the Super Bowl draw held annually at Korah Collegiate.

Thankfully, Mr. Iacoe finally got through to Mr. Biggs and confirmed that it wasn’t a crank call and that his wife Joyce had won the draw.

The draw was held on Friday afternoon at the High School in a packed gym of cheering students. The prize includes flight, accommodations and tickets to the 50th Super Bowl for two, to be held in San Francisco on Feb. 7th.

This was the most successful draw to date. They managed to raise over $32,000 this year. The money will go for student activities of any kind.

Congratulations to Joyce and her husband and also to Korah Collegiate for a successful endeavor.