Algoma U Students take part in Model United Nations

Algoma U

Nine students from Algoma University will be in Toronto today to take part in the 31st annual North American Model United Nations (NAMUN). This year’s NAMUN will take place at the University of Toronto, from February 18th – 21st.

The NAMUN is a three-day event, which provides students with a glimpse of real-world diplomacy and strategic decision-making. The NAMUN also gives students a better understanding of the function and structure of the United Nations system. The popularity and prestige of the event has attracted over 50 universities from more than 20 countries around the globe.

Participants are placed in several different scenarios at the NAMUN, which requires them to role play and work together with other delegates to solve real past problems, such as the1947 United Nations General Assembly Special Committee on the Problem of Korean Independence, and future hypothetical issues, like the 2035 United Nations Special Session on Global Overpopulation.

“Events like the NAMUN are exciting for students and invite them to ‘think outside the box’ in an atmosphere that invites quick thinking, problem solving, and relationship building,” said Dr. Neil Cruickshank, Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Law and Politics. “This experience is invaluable to our students, providing them with some political context upon which they can continue their studies at Algoma U. We are proud to be able to offer great and unique learning opportunities for our students in this program.”

The NAMUN also provides students with the opportunity to learn outside of the typical classroom setting and encourages quick thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.

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