And the Snow Madness Begins!

2016 Bon Soo Snow Madness

Yesterday was the official kick-off of both the 2016 Bon Soo Winter Carnival at the Mill Market Winter Playground and the start of the Snow Madness! The beautiful evening air was filled filled with children’s laughter, a Taylor Swift Tribute performance and vendors serving up hot treats.

Teams competed to get an early lead in points standings with a good ole fashion Tug-of-War:

Snow Madness Standings

Tug-of-war placings

  • 1st Place Big EZ’s 40 points
  • 2nd Place BrokerLink 37 points
  • 3rd Place Safeguard Sooligans 34 points
  • 4th Place The WinnER’s Employment Consulting 31 points
  • 5th Place Pollard Bears 28 points

Minute to win it @ Top Hat Billards

  • Pollard Bears 10 points + 28 = 38 points 4TH PLACE


1st PLACE – Big EZ’ 5+40=45
2ND PLACE – BrokerLink 5+ 37 points =42 
3RD PLACE – Safeguard Sooligans 5+34 points =39
5TH PLACE – The WinnER’s Employment Consulting 5 points+ 31 points = 36 

Today teams will be competing in the Recycled Snow Man contest at the Mill Market from 11am to 11pm with judging taking place tomorrow at 12pm.