Big storm weakens but it’s still going to be nasty

satellite image at 1pm Tuesday shows the low pressure system moving into the great lakes

A big storm has lost some of its punch as it travels into the Great Lakes, but it still promises to make a mess of your Wednesday.

The low pressure system, commonly known as a “Colorado Low” will dump anything from snow to freezing rain to rain showers as it tracks north east. The brunt of the wintry weather is forecast to hit Sault Ste. Marie later this afternoon and tonight along with gusty winds. Environment Canada is calling for up to 15cm by Wednesday evening as the snow tapers off Wednesday afternoon.

Roads could become slick as a period of freezing rain is also expected before it turns back to all snow for Wednesday afternoon.  Expect to see about 10cm of fresh snow for your morning commute.

Snow is forecast to begin this evening and fall rather heavily at times before tapering to periods of freezing drizzle overnight. The freezing drizzle could persist through Wednesday morning before it changes back to all snow by Wednesday afternoon.

Latest information suggests 5 to 10 cm of snow is likely tonight with a further 2 to 5 cm on Wednesday giving totals in the 10 to 15 cm range.

Hazardous driving conditions are expected.

That’s a far cry from the blizzard type conditions that was originally forecast for the area from this storm. The low is tracking slightly more westerly meaning the strong winds and snow have now been downgraded from winter storm watch criteria.

The rest of the month of February looks to be “typical” with cooler temps expected over January but far less snow than normal. Currently the city has about 10cm on the ground, normally our snow pack would be closer to 100 cm at this point. Even with the additional snows expected over the next few days, the snow total is substantially lower than in past years where a mild winter was realized.


  1. When a storm doesn’t materlize (as we’ve seen for the last three of them) then I tell people, be happy it missed us. Now if a storm does hit as forecast and we didn’t warn people about it, then people complain that we didn’t say anything. It’s always a catch 22 for weather forecasters. Keep in mind that a storm can change very much from the time it’s originally forecast and by the time it reaches us. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Stop with the doom and gloom forecasts already… 5-6 inches of snow is no big deal for the north… Years ago wouldn’t have fired up the snowblower for that little bit.. We keep getting these forecasts and wind up with nothing and even if we do get a bit, we handle it… made out fine thru some serious storms years ago before everyone was driving 4 wheel and all wheel drives.. I can’t help but snicker at some of these forecasts…..LOL.

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