Brock Badgers Men Reclaim OUA Wrestling Championship Title


After last year’s big upset which saw the McMaster Marauders men’s wrestling team steal the coveted OUA Championship banner from the defending Brock Badgers, the Badgers reclaimed their title, earning both the men’s and women’s team titles at the 2016 OUA Wrestling OUA Championships, held in Sault Ste. Marie at Algoma University’s George Leach Centre (GLC).

OUA WrestlingThe Badgers tallied 95 points, blowing past the Marauders who earned 81 points. Rounding out the top three were the Guelph Gryphons, who earned a respectable 72 points on Saturday. The female Badgers claimed 78 points in the championship, good enough for first. The lady Gryphons earned silver with 49 points, followed by the purple and proud Western Mustangs, notching bronze with 32 points.

Brock returns home to St. Catharines with an impressive 13 gold medals. Brock also earned five other medals in the Championship. Only one weight class – the men’s heavyweight – did not see a Badger podium.

Brock also added in countless accolades to all of their hardware, including Male and Female Coach of the Year, both going to Head Coach Marty Calder. Badgers Clayton Pye and Carmella Fleurant earned the titles of Male and Female Rookie of the Year, respectively.

McMaster’s Jason Buckle earned the nod of Outstanding Male Wrestler after earning gold in the men’s 61 kilogram. Queen’s Gael Gillian Pegg was named Outstanding Female Wrestler for her golden finish in the women’s 82 kilogram.

Although the Algoma Thunderbirds didn’t earn a podium finish in the OUA Championship despite having the home advantage for the first time in history, Tbird Noodin Shawanda did earn the men’s Community Service Award for his upstanding involvement in the sport of wrestling and his involvement in the community, particularly within First Nations communities. York Lion Alexandria Town earned the Community Service Award for the women.

For full results from today’s championships, please click here.

The top three finishers in each weight class will advance to the CIS Wrestling Championships, which will be hosted by Brock beginning February 24th 2016.


1. Brock Badgers (95)
2. McMaster Marauders (81)
3. Guelph Gryphons (72)
4. Western Mustangs (53)
5. Lakehead Thunderwolves (37)
6. York Lions (25)
7. Queen’s Gaels (14)
8. Laurentian Voyageurs (10)
9. Algoma Thunderbirds (8)
10. Toronto Varsity Blues (1)

1. Brock Badgers (78)
2. Guelph Gryphons (49)
3. Western Mustangs (32)
4. Lakehead Thunderwolves (25)
5. Queen’s Gaels (24)
6. McMaster Marauders (22)
7. Laurentian Voyageurs (21) and York Lions (21)
8. Toronto Varsity Blues (6)
9. Algoma Thunderbirds (3)


• Outstanding Male Wrestler – Jason Buckle (McMaster)
• Rookie of the Year – Clayton Pye (Brock)
• Community Service Award – Noodin Shawanda (Algoma)
• Coach of the Year – Marty Calder (Brock)

• Outstanding Female Wrestler – Gillian Pegg (Queen’s)
• Rookie of the Year – Carmella Fleurant (Brock)
• Community Service Award – Alexandria Town (York)
• Coach of the Year – Marty Calder (Brock)


1. Oren Furnamov- Guelph
2. Sam Jagas- Brock
3. Robbie Smith- McMaster

1. Brian Cowan- Brock
2. Ligrit Sadiku- Western
3. Chris Waltner- Lakehead

1. Jason Buckle- McMaster
2. Mizam Tamaradze- Brock
3. Elvir Uzunovic- Guelph

1. Omar Ahmed- McMaster
2. Zach Falcioni- Brock
3. Alexandre Chaves- Guelph

1. Matt Jagas- Brock
2. Caleb Ruter- Western
3. Chris Garneau- McMaster

1. Shamiya Ahmed- McMaster
2. Tyler Rowe- Brock
3. Nolan Deinum- Western

1. Chance Mutuku- Brock
2. Bradley MaGarrey- McMaster
3. Benjamin Bradford- Guelph

1. Jevon Balfour- Brock
2. Jobbamjit Pulka- McMaster
3. Daniel Humphrey- Guelph

1. Clayton Pye- Brock
2. Kevin Barret- McMaster
3. Wassim Ghadban- Guelph

1. Ignatius Pitt- Brock
2. Gordon Watkins- Guelph
3. Ameen Aghamiriam- McMaster

1. Tyson Frost- Guelph
2. Kyle Bonk- Western
3. Tyler Tate-Austin- York


1. Gatta Farentino- Brock
2. Natassya Lu- Guelph
3. Monica Wood- McMaster

1. Tina McLaren- Brock
2. Jade Papke- Guelph
3. Raeggan Bressette- Western

1. Carlene Sluberski- Brock
2. Julie Steffler- Western
3. Alexandria Town- York

1. Emily Schafter- Brock
2. Emma Horner- Lakhead
3. Alyssa Medeiros- Western

1. Indria Moores- Brock
2. Nicole Roach- McMaster
3. Brooke Jarrett- Toronto

1. Jessica Broullette- Brock
2. Alison Carrow- Guelph
3. Kelsey Dayler- Lakehead

1. Olivia DiBacco- Brock
2. Gracelynn Doogan-Guelph
3. Charlene Lapointe- Laurentian

1. Gillian Pegg- Queen’s
2. Carmella Fleurant- Brock
3. Dana Campbell- Lakehead

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