Coldest week ahead but things turning warmer soon


Enjoy the mild temperatures today and Tuesday but things turn down right frigid after that.

The coldest air of the year will impact Sault Ste. Marie and northern Ontario starting Wednesday when temperatures plummet to -21c overnight and daytime highs only reaching -13c or so. Those temperatures will stick around until Monday and then things start to get a lot warmer as March rolls in.

Temperatures are forecast to warm up and kick the Sault into full Spring mode by the second week of March to mid-month, so much so, that our snow pack could be a memory by the time Spring officially starts. Right now the call is for temperatures in the 6c to 9c and plenty of rain.

Before that happens though, you may want to put another log on the fire – bitterly cold weather thanks to an arctic flow developing late Tuesday night will remind us what Winter actually does feel like. There’s also a risk of another 5cm of snow by the end of the week, but the long range forecast sees no major winter storm on the horizon, outside of a few snow showers and flurries scattered throughout the rest of the week. After this week, you might say Winter has given us as much as it can for this year.