Essar Steel Algoma Commences Sale and Investment Solicitation Process


Effective immediately, pursuant to an order by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice of Ontario on February 11, 2016, Essar Steel Algoma Inc. is commencing a Sales and Investment Solicitation Process (SISP).

The Sale and Investment Solicitation Process is intended to assist Essar Steel Algoma in
pursuing all avenues for a sale, restructuring or recapitalization of the business and property,
in whole or in part, which is deemed essential for the company to remain a going concern for
the benefit of all stakeholders. The Process is designed to be as flexible as possible
considering the expected complexity of the process, the assets at stake, the interests of the
many different stakeholders and market conditions.

Relevant documents, including the SISP Order and the SISP Process Outline can be found
on the Monitor’s website at and on the Prime Clerk website at Parties interested in receiving a Solicitation
Package are invited to contact the company’s financial advisors, Evercore Group LLC at
[email protected].


  1. This is the beginning of the end, plan accordingly.
    Essar has screwed this city over like it’s never seen before, and if it’s smart enough will never see again.
    They have apparently pulled the wool over the city and the government’s eyes having them believe that steel dumping was solely responsible for this.

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