Food Service Operator Terminates Agreement With Essar Steel Algoma


Morningstar Hospitality who provides food services for employees at Essar Steel Algoma is pulling out of the plant, has learned.

Sources tell that the food provider based in Orillia, was not being paid by Essar. Mike DePrat, President USW Local2251 tells us that members would often use food vouchers issued by supervisors for employees looking for a meal on their shift. Those vouchers were redeemed by the company and paid to the contractor of food services.

That’s not the case according to Essar however, Brenda Stenta, manager corporate communications.  “The Company’s account with Morningstar Hospitality remains current; account balances are paid commensurate with payroll deductions – biweekly for hourly and monthly for salaried.” Stenta replied in an email.

“Morningstar has unilaterally reduced service and has informed us they are terminating the contract, negatively impacting our employees and their ability to obtain food service while on shift. We have deemed this level of service unacceptable.” Stenta continued.  Essar Steel Algoma has since put out a tender for a new food service provider.

“We must provide services for our employees and it is for this reason the company has issued a Request for Proposals for food services.” Stenta said. reached out to Morningstar Hospitality but they did not return our call or make comment. Morningstar also provides food services to the Sault Area Hospital, Sault Airport and Algoma University.




  1. While morningstar food services,since I read that u also do the hospital food,Ive decided good ridance lol Your food is not healthy and tasteless. I spent days in the hospital and barely ate. The food was disgusting and sometimes Iwasnt even sure what kinda mystery meat I was really eatting lol. Honestly I would never pay to eat yr food.

  2. Another nail in the coffin………..Boys, she getting closer… Wouldn’t rush out and buy any new toys just now… And don’t forget to pack a lunch…..

  3. If Essar is paying the bills with the monies deducted from the employees checks for food as claimed, why is Morningstar now requiring workers to pay cash for their meals, voucher or no voucher?
    The lies are accumulating more every day, when is the city and the government going to see this for what it really is?
    An in depth forensic audit of this company is far past due.
    If the mayor wants to do something in the best interest of the city, use your power to push for such an audit, the results will be mind boggling shocking.

  4. I want to know, if this isn’t a lie on the food services part, where would the deducted money from my husbands pay check be going? Because I know he used the canteen and has had pay deducted every two weeks when pay came out. So I hope they’re lying, or essar has a lot bigger issues in doing this to it’s employees

  5. Yeah I know my husband had his food vouchers deducted every pay when he’s eating at the canteen, so if they arent lying and not getting paid… Where is that money going??

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