Hollingsworth keen on making a difference

Hollingsworth with MP Terry Sheehan

When you start a new job, people can be understandably nervous, but not for Sandra Hollingsworth. The newest face on council started her new career as “politician” at this past Monday’s council meeting.  “I felt quite comfortable, I’m very honoured to be representing ward 2 and all of the city” Hollingsworth told SaultOnline.com 

The former bank employee was in a tight race for the seat against Luke Dufour but managed to squeak out a win to take the vacant ward 2 seat formerly held by Terry Sheehan in the February 2 by-election. Voter turnout was extremely low at 30 percent, but that didn’t surprise Hollingsworth.

“When I went door to door and met with some young people, in their 20’s a lot of them didn’t plan on voting” Hollingsworth said, “I asked why and they said they weren’t educated enough on the importance of voting and two, they were inconvenienced, I really think it’s time this country start to look at electronic voting”

Hollingsworth aims at working closely with the Economic Development Corp and the Innovation centre “I am very , very keen on helping the entrepreneurs in this community and create a stronger  voice for them”

Hollingsworth isn’t too worried about the challenges facing the city surrounding the situation with Essar Steel Algoma. “we faced this same challenge a number of years ago, this is our number one priority and we’re all working very hard to try and come to a positive solution for Essar and this city, we have to work with businesses that are impacted”

Hollingsworth said the city needs to reach out to those businesses. “Yes, we have many challenges but the positive is that we find the right solution. I look forward to working on a community plan and bringing the right partners to the table”








  1. Just another tax and spender who cheated to get elected using a sitting Ward 2 Councillor to campaign for her. Denied that at the Library Debate and caught in a lie when it was exposed.This was a fixed election.John Duke the 3rd runner up in Ward 2 should have been appointed to the position.He had a e-mail from the city clerk stating the closing time was 4:30.ssuperior

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